Trauma-Informed Toolkit: Check the Facts

Trauma-Informed Toolkit: Emotional Regulation – Check the Facts

Have you ever regretted your response in a situation? Our initial ‘knee-jerk’ reaction may be to fight, run away, or say things we don’t mean and while these responses may be valid, they’re not always the most effective. Checking the facts is a skill that helps change your emotional response and make healthier decisions as a result. This skill encourages you to think before you react to your emotions allowing you to step back, assess the situation, and determine if the way you’re feeling is appropriate. Use mindfulness skills to become aware of how you’re thinking and feeling. With practice and patience, you will learn to respond to situations with a more level-headed and fitting emotion. For resources on bringing mindfulness into your day and building your trauma-informed toolbox, visit 

Check The Facts Worksheet


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